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Method Two - The "Print Friendly" method:

  1.  Go to the page on this site that you want to copy, and copy its web address (URL) from the location bar.

     2.  Open a second tab or window in your browser and go to:

     3.  Paste the page's address (URL) into the blank printfriendly field and click print preview.

     4.  When the preview of the page appears, click the Print button (or click PDF to save it for later use).

Thats it!  The primary downside to using this method is that the printed page's layout almost certainly will not mirror the website page, but it will include all it's text and photos.


It has come to our attention that pages on this website do not print correctly — or at all — using Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari web browsers.  On Windows, Internet Explorer cuts off the right-side of pages. On both platforms, Firefox also cuts off the right-side of pages, while Chrome baulks and displays a "Print preview failed" error. On Macs, Safari prints blank pages.

So, to print a page, or information off of our site, you can use one of the following work-arounds:

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Method One - The "Snipping Tool" for windows users:

First, navigate to the page or information that you want to print, and then:

1.  Click on the Windows Icon in the lower left corner of your screen.

2.  Click on "All Programs".

3.  Click on "Accessories".

4.  Click on "Snipping Tool".

5.  Use the cursor to draw a box around the content that you want.

6.  Select "File", then "Save As", then select the location that you want to save it to and a unique name for the file that will allow you to find it.  Click the "Save" button.

7.  Exit the snipping tool, and navigate to the location where you saved your snip.

8.  Double click on the file, and select "Print" from the menu at the top.  Usually you want to un-check the "Fit picture to frame", or you will lose some information.  Click on the "Print" button, and the selected information will spit out of your printer.

One limitation of this tool is that it will only allow you to snip a maximum of one screen's worth of information at a time, but the information you do print will print exactly as it appears on the website. 

Learn how to print information off of this site

Read this page for tips on printing information off this website. Keep useful information on residential and commercial window tinting, solar control films and tints,daytime privacy, UV, and decorative window films in Spokane.