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Architectural Solar Control Window Films control the passage of solar energy into room spaces in homes and businesses, improving the insulating performance of windows, and providing occupants relief from heat, glare, and ultraviolet fading.  Energy efficient, carbon neutral, window film enhances the solar and thermal performance of a building's windows by reducing excessive solar heat gain – reducing cooling loads and peak demand. In addition, solar control films also provide great daytime privacy.  These films can stop up to 83% of Radiant Heat, 91% of Glare, and all of the window films that we stock stop 98% or 99% of UV Rays.  A short description of our best selling types of Solar Control window films follows:

​          The Solar Series consists of dual reflective films (ASWF Sky and Daydream, and Panorama Slate 10 and 20) that, in addition to the sputtered metal layer that rejects the radiant heat, has a dyed component on the inner surface that is intended to reduce interior reflection, especially at night.  Because the window film is a smoother surface than glass (under a microscope, glass has lots of pits and craters), it is a better reflector than glass, and that interior reflection bothers some customers - these films solve that problem.  Some Solar series films have a "soft", or "medium" reflective finish from the outside rather than a "hard" reflective finish like a Silver or Bronze reflective film, and offer tremendous heat and glare rejection (up to 83% of heat and 91% of glare, for Sky 10, less, for lighter versions such as Sky 20).  Most of these films give good to excellent daytime privacy.

​​          The Spectrally Selective series, however, is designed for the folks that just don't want to have the appearance of film on the glass, but still need to stop a fair amount of heat (63% radiant heat rejection for Panorama Sterling 40, 42% for Solar Gard SS 50, 40% for ASWF Nature 50) and UV "fade" rays.  These Spectrally Selective films are designed in a way that maximizes the amount of visible light that they pass, and so these films are not very apparent on the glass.  For this reason, and because they do not have the dyed component on their inner surface, they don't stop much glare by comparison to other solar control films, and provide almost no daytime privacy.

​          The ASWF Horizon 20 Bronze series provides excellent Heat and Glare rejection (80% heat and 80% of Glare) to increase your comfort, while almost eliminating Ultra-Violet "Fade Rays" preventing damage to you, your home, and your furnishings.  This film has a bronze hard reflective appearance from the outside, and a light bronze appearance from the inside which our customers often compare to a "warm, fire-in-the-fireplace" look.  For those looking for daytime privacy, this tint gives excellent daytime privacy.

​          American Standard Window Film (ASWF) Reflection 20 provides superior heat and glare rejection (84% of both heat and glare) to increase your comfort, while almost eliminating Ultra-Violet "Fade Rays" preventing damage to you, your home, and your furnishings.  This film has a silver hard reflective appearance from the outside, and a cool, light blue-grey appearance from the inside.  For those looking for privacy, these tints give excellent daytime privacy.

Examples of Solar Control Films

Exclusive Series Films enhance the solar and insulating performance of a building’s windows, reducing excessive solar heat gain – reducing cooling loads and peak demand. They also provide year-round benefits, reducing heating costs by improving window insulating performance, and slowing the passage of heat to the outside in the winter, as well as rejecting summer heat and reducing cooling costs.  ASWF Aurora 45 is an elegant film that offers amazing performance through its' proprietary, multi-stacked, sputtered technology.  It gives unmatched HD clarity and high Visible Light Transmission, as well as an unprecedented 97% infra-red rejection.  It offers a neutral appearance from both inside and out.  ASWF Twilight 20,25, and 35 are films that offer significant heat and glare reduction, while minimizing solar absorbance and reducing the possibility of damage to double-pane glass.  These films have a light bronze appearance from both inside and out.

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 Privacy and Decorative Window Tints (Including Static Cling Films) can provide either daytime privacy (described below), or, with frosted, opaque, patterned, or light diffusing  films, 24 hour privacy.  Frosted films most closely resemble sandblasted glass, but at a far lower cost.  Opaque, patterned, or light diffusing privacy films are also available.  Which one works best for you depends on your particular application, and I will be delighted to use my many years of experience to help you select the tint that will best meet your needs.  These products also provide a solution for those looking for interior or exterior decorative film while providing the opportunity to make bold design statements in your home or office.  Need something a little more exotic?  Solyx offers over 600 different styles of patterned, frosted, etched, stained glass, and light diffusing films.  We are a Solyx® dealer, and will happily order and install the decorative film that best meets your needs.

Examples of Privacy Films

Daytime Privacy Films allow you to keep you blinds or shades open during the day, preserving your views, and preventing folks outside from seeing in and are the answer for customers who need daytime privacy, but still want to be able to see out of their windows.  Typically, our Solar Control Films and Tints also give great daytime privacy.  It is important to note that daytime privacy films give great privacy during the day, but just like clear glass, at night when your interior lights are on, people can see in from outside although not as well.  For this reason, these films work well in combination with interior blinds, shades, or drapes that can be closed or drawn at night.  We will also to be happy to discuss a couple of "work-arounds" with you that may allow you to use daytime privacy films for 24 hour privacy in some situations.

Examples of Daytime Privacy Films

Safety and Security Window Films are many times thicker than standard films and feature an aggressive adhesive to provide a barrier against forced intrusion, almost eliminating the threat of "smash and grab" burglaries.  Our ArmorCoat  films do not prevent the glass from breaking, but do slow would-be thieves from getting through the window and they know that time is their enemy.  Often, they seek easier pickings elsewhere.  Many of our customers with occupancies in Federal Buildings are mandated since 9/11 to have blast-mitigation film installed which we are also happy to provide,  Additionally, in the event of windstorms, earthquakes, and explosions, they work to help shield occupants and by-standers from flying glass fragments.

Anti-Graffiti Films are applied to the outside of commercial windows and mirrors to defeat "taggers" and other vandals.  In some locales, business owners who face expensive Graffiti Removal bills, or fines from the city if Graffiti can't be removed in a timely manner, need such protection.  Our GraffitiGard products will protect your commercial glass from the worst a "tagger" can offer-whether it be paint, acid etching, or mechanical etching- and then can be easily removed and replaced at far lower cost than replacing the glass.

Examples of Safety, Security, and Anti-Grafitti Films

Solar Gard Silver 20 film stops 80% of morning heat

Read this page to find out about different types of window films and tints. Whether you are considering tints for your home or office, gain peace of mind by understanding how solar contol, UV, privacy and decorative window films work and what they can do for you.

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