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Preparing for your Window Film installation -

Get the highest quality window film installation Possible

At Therma Shield Solar Control, we are committed to providing you the best quality window-tint installation possible.  Working against us in this effort are the twin problems of airborne fine particulates (dust) and air movement.  I have developed techniques over the years to deal with these issues, but the following “Do's and Don’ts” are steps that you, as homeowner, or as commercial building owner or tenant, can take to assist us in providing you the very best window film installation.  Thank you for your assistance!

Before Your New Film is Installed...

 Please DO:

-Remove any valances, blinds, curtains, or drapes identified on the estimate form as needing removal, and other items such as plants, pictures, and knick-knacks from windowsills and surrounding areas as far in advance of the scheduled installation as you are comfortable with, but at least one day in advance.

 -Remove and/or re-arrange any furniture identified on the estimate form as needing removal prior to our arrival to avoid hindering our access to the windows.  If you need help to move heavy furniture, please let us know at the time of your estimate, and we will be happy to assist you.

 -In the months of October through the end of April, please minimize airborne contamination and air movement, both the day before and the day of your installation, by keeping windows, doors, and vents near the windows closed as much as possible.  Additionally, on the day of your installation, please shut off ceiling fans and furnace or central air fans, and window air conditioners or box fans.  During the months of May through the end of September, please leave your air conditioning on - we will control particulates from that source through other means to avoid making your home or office miserably hot during your window film installation.

 -Take a few moments with us to inspect all windows getting filmed before installation begins.  We will bring to your attention, before or during the installation, any issues with your windows such as broken or loose panes, glass inclusions, and other glass flaws that may affect the appearance or quality of your installation.

 -Let us know if the building or home has a history of glass breakage and/or IG unit seal failure at the time of our estimate.  This will help us select the proper window film for your application.  Failing to disclose such information could cause a film selection error and/or void your warranty coverage.

Please DO NOT: 

 -Worry about cleaning the inside surfaces of your windows.  We will clean them thoroughly before we install your window tint.

 -Sweep, dust, or vacuum for two days prior to your scheduled installation.  All of these activities raise fine particulates that can remain suspended in the air for extended periods of time.

 -Schedule other inside work by contractors for the same date.  Carpet cleaning, drywall, tile, carpentry, and painting are examples of some, but not all, types of work that can generate and raise fine particulates.  Please ask me if in doubt.

 -Brush pets the day prior to, or the day of, your installation.

 -Worry about cleaning your window film after we leave.  We thoroughly clean your installed films and tints before we leave your location.

Read this page for tips on preparing for your window film or tint installation at both residential and commercial locations. These guidelines will help us give you the best possible window tinting and filming job at your home or office, and apply to solar control, UV, decorative, and privacy window tint installations.

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