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This knowledge center page will provide you information on frequently asked questions about window tinting and filming, including: tint removal, film cleaning, scratch resistance, houseplants, our warranty, our experience in residential and commercial window tinting, and our low-price guarantee.

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 Frequently Asked Questions about Window Filming and Tinting

Q:  Why should I choose Therma Shield Solar Control over your competition?

A:  Our responsiveness, convenience, quality of work, and more flat-glass installation experience than any other installer in the area make Therma Shield stand out among our window filming competitors.  We make addressing your solar control, privacy and decorative, or specialty window film needs easy, convenient, and professional from start to finish.  Additionally, I will be personally installing your film, because I believe that you should benefit from my many years of experience.  We also offer industry leading guarantees and warranties (see below), as well as our 100% satisfaction guarantee that eliminate any risk to you, and which none of our competitors dare to offer.  If you want a top quality window film installation for a reasonable price, and no hassles - you have no good reason not  to choose us to complete your project.

Q:  How much will my window film installation cost?
A: Each window film installation price will vary slightly because there are many variables that affect the pricing.  Factors such as window size and square footage, framing material, window height from the floor, ease of access to the window, and discounts all affect the final price.  Distant customers will also pay a mileage charge.  Because of our low overhead, we can generally offer the most reasonable price in the area.  That being said, a (VERY) rough rule of thumb - expect to pay, on average (before any discounts or sales taxes have been applied), about $155 - $190 per medium sized window (15-20 Square Feet) for high quality Solar Control/Privacy/Decorative Window Film Installation, and more - depending on the film, sometimes quite a bit more - for Safety, Security or Anti-Graffiti films, Custom Decorative Solyx films, and Custom Projects.  Please note that the farther from "medium sized" the windows are, the more the price will vary from the rough price mentioned above.  For instance, very large or very small windows will not conform to this rule of thumb.  Also please note that, regardless of the size of your window, our minimum price for any work is $ 350.00 + Tax.  Your estimate will quote an exact price for your installation which will be good for 60 days from the date of the estimate, and good for any of the films marked on the estimate.

Q:  Do I need to clean the windows before you arrive?
 A:  No.  We will thoroughly clean the inside of your windows before we apply your film.

 Q:  Does the window tint get installed on the inside or outside of my windows?

 A:  Most film is installed on the inside surface of the glass.  Some films, such as GraffitiGard or Outside Weatherable (OSW) films are applied to the exterior of the glass.

​ Q:  What kind of warranty does Therma Shield Solar Control offer?
 A:  A Limited Lifetime (residential) or 12 year (commercial) Materials Warranty from the manufacturer for Solar Gard and Panorama films, A Lifetime (residential), and up to 15 year (commercial) Materials Warranty from the manufacturer for ASWF films, dependent on the film type selected, and a 5-year materials warranty from the manufacturer on all applications for Solyx films.  Solar Gard, Panorama, and AWSF films come with a 5-year Glass Breakage, 3-year Seal Failure Warranty.  These warranties are limited only in that they are not transferable.  Therma Shield Solar Control offers an Exclusive Unlimited Transferable Lifetime Workmanship Warranty against lifting, peeling, bubbling, or other workmanship defects on any film installed by Therma Shield.  See information about our one of a kind Low-Price Guarantee and our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee below.

Q:  What is this "Low Price Guarantee" that you offer?
A:  Because my overhead is lower, I can usually offer my clients the most reasonable price in the area.  If one of my legitimate competitors bids the same work at a lower price, just show me their bid, and I will beat their price by 5%.

Q:  What is your Customer Service policy?

A:  Your complete satisfaction is my goal.  I will give you the benefit of my knowledge and many years of experience to help you select the window film that best meets your needs.  I will do the best quality installation possible, utilizing time-tested techniques that result in a truly superior end-product.  Therma Shield offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your window film installation, I will work with you until you are 100% satisfied.

Q:  How long can I expect my window film to last?

 A:  Manufacturer guidelines indicate that the expected life of the film, with due care, is 20-25 years for films installed on the interior of the glass.  OSW films have a life span of 3-5 years.

Q:  Will installing residential or commercial window film damage my double-pane windows?

A:  All of the window films that we install absorb much less than the 52% of heat at the surface of the glass which is the industry threshold for damage to double pane IG units. However, some pre-existing conditions, such as damage to your windows, or installation defects, can cause glass breakage or seal failure when solar window film is added.  I will discuss any issues noted with you at the time of your estimate.  Also, our Solar Control Window Film manufacturers all offer a 5-Year Glass Breakage, 3-Year Seal Failure, Warranty to further protect you.


 Q:  Will you, personally, be installing my window film?
A:  Yes.  Unlike my competitors, my wife, my son, and I do all window film installations ourselves.  I feel you should benefit from our years of experience in the field, as well as our attention to detail, and would never expect you to be satisfied with less.

Q:  Will there be a gap between my installed window film and the window frame?

A:  In most cases, yes (the exception being windows with removable rubber seals or grids).  We cut the film on-site to be slightly oversized for your windows and trim each of them to size.  The edger/trim guide that I use will leave an approximately 1/16" gap between the film and the frame which allows us to move all of the mounting solution out from under the film and allows the edges to lay down and cure out properly.  How noticeable this gap is depends on a variety of things such as film type (on lighter films it is less noticeable), frame type, and the angle that you are viewing it from.  You should be aware that on some windows, a reflection may occur that causes the gap to look larger than it actually is.  We find that most of our customers no longer notice the gap by the time the film is cured out as it has become "the new normal".

Q:  Do I have to worry about scratching my window tint?

 A:  All window films that we install feature a "Hard-Coat" scratch resistant finish that prevents scratching under normal cleaning conditions.  We will go over the cleaning instructions with you prior to leaving the job-site and will leave a hard copy with you when we leave.  You can also find those instructions on this website.

Q:  Do you offer Static Cling window films?

A:  Solyx offers a variety of Static Cling films.  We are a Solyx dealer, and we will be happy to order the film of your choice for you.  Typically, Static Cling films do not typically require our services to install, but we will be happy to provide the film and installation instructions for you.

Q:  Can you install my window film in the winter time?

A:  It depends on the outside temperature.  Because we use a water based mounting solution, extremely cold weather can cause installation and curing issues.  I have found it best to reschedule for a warmer day if the temperature is below 20 degrees F. for double pane glass, and 30 degrees F. for single pane glass.

Q:  Will installing window film hurt my houseplants?

 A:  Although different types and varieties of houseplants require differing amounts of visible light to thrive, none of the films or tints that I install cuts visible light significantly enough to affect the normal growth of most plants.  Because we are reducing the amount of UV rays - which are as harmful to your plants as they are to you - you are actually helping your houseplants.  Please let us know if you have plants with special light requirements.

 Q:  Once my window film is installed, can I ever remove it?

 A:  Yes, it can be removed with some effort, and we will be happy to assist you should you need to remove it.  Please note, however, that non-static cling films are not re-usable, so do not remove the film unless you no longer require solar protection.  If you need to have removable protection, there are static-cling films available from Solyx which we will be happy to order for you.

 Q:  Why don't you tint cars too?

 A:  Automotive window tinting is not the same as residential and commercial flat-glass window filming.  Many of my competitors deal in auto tinting, and offer flat-glass window filming on the side.  I feel it is best to specialize in residential and commercial filming and thereby offer my clients the best possible installation quality and attention to detail.


 Q:  How can you offer the most reasonable price in the area and still stay in business?

 A:  Because all of my work is done on-site at your location, I am able to work from a home-based office and slash my overhead.  I am happy to pass this savings on to you.

 Q:  What is your experience in the window tinting field?

 A:  I have been installing film in the Spokane area since 1989, and founded my business, Therma-Shield Solar Control, in 1994.

Q:  Why haven't you called Alex at (509) 466-3975 for your free, cost-saving estimate on solutions to your solar issues?

A:  Call Today!

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