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Daytime Privacy Exterior view on the left, the same windows from inside on the right.

In the above example, Panorama Slate 10 provides excellent Daytime Privacy without affecting your view in addition to stopping lots of heat and glare.  

Here is one customer's take on the daytime privacy benefits of solar control film...

Dennis L
1 review
Published Friday, August 18, 2017
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"...Even though we were told there would be about an 80% reduction in heat and even greater reduction in UV and glare, we had not expected the effect to be so sudden and so significant. As an added benefit, there is a noticeable daytime privacy increase. I expect that we will be adding window film to our East facing windows before too long to help reduce heat and UV from the morning sun and I will absolutely choose Therma Shield to do the work."

Bronze film gives great daytime privacy

Daytime privacy window films and tints for your home or office give great privacy during the day, but may not at night, depending on lighting conditions. Solar control films generally also give good daytime privacy in residential and commercial applications.

daytime privacy films

For Daytime Privacy Applications

Use ASWF Sky 10, Panorama Slate 10, ASWF Horizon 20, ASWF Reflection 20, and ASWF Illusion films to

Stop nosy neighbors in their tracks, and still see out of your windows!

Tired of living in a "fishbowl" or want to enhance your privacy and peace of mind?

​Let us assist you with some cost effective solutions to your daytime privacy issues today!

​​TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THESE BENEFITS - Your Daytime Privacy Film Will:

  • Provide you great daytime privacy without adversely affecting your view.

  • Moderate the passage of solar energy into your rooms or office spaces, improving the insulating performance of windows, and providing you relief from heat, glare, and ultraviolet fading.

  • Stop up to 85% of Radiant heat, 92% of Glare, and 99% of UV rays, making your home or business more comfortable, and eliminating the "roasting living room/freezing basement" problem.

  • Energy efficient, carbon neutral, window film reduces excessive solar heat gain and slows the passage of heat to the outside in the winter. 

Daytime Privacy Films enhance your quality of life by protecting your privacy!

The products listed above are the answer for customers who need daytime privacy, but still want to be able to see out of their windows.  It is important to note that daytime privacy films give great privacy during the day, but just like clear glass, at night when your interior lights are on, people can see in from outside, although not as well.  For this reason, these films work well in combination with interior blinds or shades that can be closed or drawn at night.  Which film works best for you depends on your particular application, and I will be delighted to use my many years of experience to help you select the tint that will best meet your needs.  These tints feature a high quality Clear Dry Adhesive (CDA) which provides a crystal clear, distortion-free bond with your glass on one side, while the inside surface has a "Hard-Coat", that resists scratching and scuffing under normal cleaning conditions.  The selection of Therma Shield installations shown below give a good idea of how these films look as installed from both the inside and outside. 

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And another customer had this to say...

Steve and Patty Berro
1 review
Published Thursday, July 13, 2017
 Verified order

"Great company! From first correspondence to completion of the work, Alex was very professional and accommodating. I'm very pleased with the product and the install. A small family company that understands the value of customer service and quality workmanship."

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