• Moderate the passage of solar energy into your rooms or office spaces, improving the insulating performance of windows, and providing you relief from heat, glare, and ultraviolet fading.

  • Stop up to 84% of Radiant heat, 84% of Glare, and 99% of UV rays, making your home or business more comfortable, and eliminating the "roasting living room/freezing basement" problem.

  • Energy efficient, carbon neutral, window film reduces excessive solar heat gain and slows the passage of heat to the outside in the winter. 

  • Provide you great daytime privacy.  

​​​​Solar Control Window Films help you Keep your home or business comfortable.
Say goodbye to hot, unlivable rooms, and say hello to Cool Comfort.

Click on the links below to see specifications and installed examples for specific solar control window films and tints that we stock.  You should note that the more heat and glare that a given solar control film stops, the more noticeable it is on your windows.  If you are looking for something that is less noticeable on your glass, but which still stops 42-63% of the radiant heat presented to your windows, then you are most likely looking for a Spectrally Selective Film.  To find out more about these films, click here: "Spectrally Selective Films"

Therma Shield Solar Control stocks the following Solar Control Window Films (but we have access to many more, so if you don't see what you want, be sure to ask):

ASWF Sky 10 (Appearance - Silver Medium Reflective)

ASWF Sky 20 (Appearance - Goldish Medium Reflective)

ASWF Horizon 20 (Appearance - Bronze Medium Reflective)

ASWF Reflection 20 (Appearance - Silver Hard Reflective)

ASWF Daydream 15 (Appearance - Bronze Soft Reflective)

Panorama Slate 20 (Appearance - Goldish Soft Reflective) No longer available

Panorama Slate 10 (Appearance - Goldish Soft Reflective)No longer available

Convenience, quality, and unmatched installation experience make Therma Shield stand out among our window filming competitors.  We make addressing your solar control, privacy and decorative, safety and security, or specialty window film needs easy, convenient, and professional from start to finish... ​​

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National Fenestration Rating Council

Learn about the Solar Control Window Films and tints that we stock, like Panorama Slate 10, Panorama Slate 20, ASWF Reflection 20 (Sliver Relective film/tint), and ASWF Horizon 20 (Reflective Bronze film/tint), and ASWF Illusion.

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Nick Zambryski
1 review
Published Sunday, August 13, 2017
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"My overall experience was wonderful. I received a large packet of information prior to the install that answered all of my questions. When they came to my house they were extremely friendly and very respectful. They even took the time to explain to my curious children what they were doing. I felt they had a genuine concern to ensure that I was a satisfied customer. The end result of the product is better than I thought and I have already booked them for additional windows. I would absolutely recommend their service."

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Use ASWF Sky 10, ASWF Sky 20, ASWF Horizon 20, ASWF Reflection 20, and other films to

Stop unwanted heat, glare, and UV fading instantly without adversely affecting your view!​
Do you suffer from "HOT SPOTS" that cause your air-conditioning to run constantly, GLARE that causes
you to squint to see your view or TV, or 
UV DAMAGE to your home and furnishings?

The Good News For You - We Can  Solve Your Solar Problems Quickly and Inexpensively.

The Skin Cancer Foundation Article on Window Film

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Panorama Slate 10 Solves Bad Glare Problem at Doubletree Inn.  Left Panes Filmed, Right Not Done Yet.

Like a good pair of polarized sunglasses, window film virtually eliminates refracted, reflected, and scattered light that causes you to squint - sharpening your view and reducing eye fatigue.

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Gerald Verhaag
1 review
Published Saturday, September 9, 2017
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"The Best job ever.We think the house is alot cooler. it is like having a cloudy day now outside. They were VERY Professional in every aspect of the install. They started at 8:30 Am and finished at 3:38pm and did 31 window. cleanup was the best. They were the nicest people and were like having old friends in my home. I would give them 20 stars out of 10. They installed slate 10. very good."

Association of International Metalizers, Coaters, and Laminators

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Solar Control window films stop heat, glare and UV rays. Dentist office waiting room is now more comfortable.

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