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Panorama slate 20 film

For Solar Control and Daytime Privacy

Stop significant amounts of heat and glare immediately with even less impact than Slate 10!

Stops: 70% Heat, 78% Glare, and 99% UV Rays

Panorama Slate 20 is a clear choice for residential and commercial window tint customers who want to stop a lot of heat and glare, but who need something a little less noticeable than ASWF Sky 10 or Panorama Slate 10 .  It provides excellent Heat and Glare rejection to increase your comfort, while almost eliminating Ultra-Violet "Fade Rays" preventing damage to you, your home, and your furnishings.  This Dual Reflective film has a very light "goldish" soft reflective appearance from the outside, and a low-reflective neutral appearance from the inside.  For those looking for privacy, this tint still gives good daytime privacy while being almost unnoticeable from the outside.  Like all of the Solar Gard and Panorama films that we offer, it features a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) which provides a crystal clear, distortion-free bond with your glass at the molecular level on one side, while the inside surface has a "Hard-Coat", that resists scratching and scuffing under normal cleaning conditions.  The selection of Therma Shield installations shown below give a good idea of how this film looks as installed from both the inside and outside.  Please call us if you have any questions.

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Panorama Slate 20 for early morning glare control

Solar Gard Panorama Slate 20 still provides great heat and glare reduction for your home or office, but is less noticable on the glass. It still provides a good degree of daytime privacy, but less than Slate 10. It is a premier residential and commercial window film and tint.