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American Standard Window Film Dealer since 2015

Read about our top name-brand products and services like Solar Gard, Panorama, and American Standard Window Films (ASWF). We install solar control tints, spectrally selective films, decorative window film, interior and exterior 24 hour privacy films, safety and security films, and anti-graffiti films for homes and businesses and for residential and commercial locations.

Solar control films

reduce heat, glare, uv and also give good daytime privacy:

                ASWF Sky 10                      Stops:   83% of Heat

                                                                               91% of Glare

                                                                               99% of UV       Examples of this film 

                ASWF Daydream 15       Stops:   71% of Heat

                                                                               81% of Glare

                                                                               99% of UV       Examples of this film

                 ASWF Horizon 20            Stops:   80% of Heat

                                                                               80% of Glare

                                                                               99% of UV       Examples of bronze films

                 ASWF Reflection 20        Stops:   84% of Heat

                                                                                84% of Glare

​                                                                                99% of UV       Examples of silver films

​                  ASWF Twilight 25            Stops:   85% of Heat
                                                                                92% of Glare
99% of UV       Examples of this film

uv & low-impact, spectrally selective films

for those who don't want to see it on the windows,

but still need to stop uv and some heat or glare:

                Panorama Sterling 40       Stops:  63% of Heat

                                                                                  54% of Glare

                                                                                  99%  of UV

                ASWF Firewall 70                 Stops:  39% of Heat

                                                                                  24% of Glare

                                                                                  99% of UV

               ASWF Legacy 70                  Stops:  38% of Heat
                                                                                  28% of Glare
                                                                                  98% of UV      
Examples of these films   

PRIVACY and decorative films


over 600 different solyx decorative films:

                 Solar Gard Clear Frost      Stops:  28% of Heat

                                                                                   29% of Glare

                                                                                   98% of UV

                 Solar Gard Wte Opaque  Stops:  77% of Heat

                                                                                   90% of Glare

                                                                                   98% of UV     Examples of these films

security and anti-graffiti GLASS PROTECTION FILMS

4, 7, and 8 Mil ASWF Safety and Security film or Graffiti Gard films available to help protect your home or business from "smash and grab" burglaries or "tagging".

​                                                                                                          Examples of these films

​​* These are not the only films we stock - we have many more!  Ask for info!

Panorama Dealer since 2007
Solar Gard Dealer since 1994

we use the following premier maNUFACTURER'S products:

We believe in using only NFRC certified, premium window films for your installation because even though they may cost a little more initially, they provide the best value over the life of your installation.  We use top-of-the-line products such as:

 American Standard Window Film.  See their many high-quality films at:

Solar Gard Window Films. We have been installing

Solar Gard films for over twenty-four years.  You can find

out more about them at:

​​Panorama Window Films.  We have been a part of the Panorama Elite Dealer Network since 2007.  Visit them at:​

Solyx Decorative Films & Tints.  Visit

them at:

specifications for some 

of our best selling* window films:

we provide the following products and services to our customers:​​

Panorama Slate 10 for heat and glare control at UU Church

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