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​​​​safety, Security & Anti-Graffiti films

For Theft, Blast, and Graffiti Mitigation

Prevent "Smash and Grab" burglaries, increase your family's safety, and stop graffiti today with invisible security and anti-graffiti films!

4, 7, and 8 Mil Solar Gard ArmorCoat products
4, 7, and 8 Mil Solar Gard GraffitiGard products

We offer the following Safety, Security, and Anti-Graffiti films for your protection:

Safety and Security films:  We stock a full line of ArmorCoat Safety and Security Films.  These films feature an aggressive, pressure sensitive adhesive which provides a crystal clear, distortion-free bond with your glass on one side, while the inside surface has a "Hard-Coat", that resists scratching and scuffing under normal cleaning conditions.  These films will:

- Help prevent "smash and grab" thefts:  Our ArmorCoat safety and security films do not prevent the glass from breaking, but do slow would-be thieves from getting through the window and they are aware that time is their enemy.  Often, they seek easier pickings elsewhere.

- Protect your glass (and your family) from bird strikes, explosions, and the effects of bad weather:  Since 2001, many of our customers in Federal Buildings are mandated to have blast-mitigation film installed which we are happy to provide.  Additionally, homeowners can use these same films to "harden" windows against storms, errant birds, and golf balls, and to protect occupants from shards of flying glass anytime a window breaks.

-  Under some circumstances, Safety film applied over annealed glass may be approved by your local building inspector to take the place of tempered safety glass.

Anti Graffiti Films:  No one wants to enter a business with a vandalized exterior, but glass, mirrors, and stainless steel are everywhere in public places.  The best way to remove graffiti spray paint from glass is with a razor blade, patience, and "elbow grease" but even these efforts can’t clean some latex paints and will often leave a shadow.  Scratches or etchings in glass can rarely be buffed out satisfactorily.  The very best way to remove scratches from glass is to never let them be etched in the first place.  Don't worry, if you have a Graffiti problem, we have an affordable answer.  You might not know:

- Anti-graffiti clean-up efforts in the United States cost over $12 billion annually.  Removing graffiti in the first 48 hours greatly reduces the chances of a recurrence.

- Solar Gard's GraffitiGard films are a cost-effective way to protect your glass, mirrors, and stainless steel.  GraffitiGard products will protect these items from the worst a "tagger" can offer-whether it be paint, acid etching, or mechanical etching- and then can be easily removed and replaced at a fraction of the cost of new glass or mirrors.

  The selection of Therma Shield installations shown below give a good idea of how these films look as installed from both the inside and outside.  Many of these films are clear so you won't notice much difference, but some of the pictures show Solar Safety Films.  Please call us if you have any questions.

Call us at (509) 466-3975, or Click Here to schedule your free estimate today!

ArmorCoat safety and security films stop smash and grab burglaries

Our Safety and Security window films and anti-graffiti films and tints provide additions safety and security for your home or office. These special purpose films give residential and commercial locations increased protection from theft, as well as blast mitigation protection. Our line of anti-graffiti films help avoid the cost and hassle of grafitti removal for business owners.