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Information that we need in order to provide you an accurate e-mail estimate

Each of these items is necessary in order to provide you an accurate price for your window film installation.

1.  Width and Height of EACH PANE* of glass (not including framing material) in inches, and how many of each.  We call this "Widest and Highest", because on non-rectangular windows (think eyebrow windows, half-round windows, triangular windows, etc.) we need to know the widest and highest points in order to accurately calculate the square footage.  On rectangular windows, this would just be the width and height of the panes you want done.

*A "pane" of glass is one piece of glass and it's surrounding framing material. A "window" may consist of one or more panes of glass.  Typically (but not always), a window that doesn't open consists of one pane.  A window that opens (slider or single hung) usually has two or more panes.  In some circumstances (like an old style french door), one window (or door, in this example) might have multiple small panes.

2.  Top of window height in inches from the floor.  With the understanding that the window film goes on the inside surface of the glass, we need to know whether we are working off of a ladder, and if so, how big a ladder.  To determine this, we ask that you provide us the height in inches from the floor to the top of the highest window that you would like tinted.

3.  Window framing material.  Most new construction will have vinyl frames, while older, and some custom homes may have wood or metal frames.  Businesses usually have rubber gasket storefront window framing, but some have wood or metal.  Some framing materials require extra time and attention on our part.  Please identify for us which framing material your windows have.

4.  Address.  We need this to complete the estimate form.  If you live outside the Greater Spokane/Coeur d'Alene Metro area you may pay a trip charge based on round trip mileage.  If so, this will be noted on the estimate.

5.  Photographs.  Since we are not putting "eyes" on your windows, please provide us a picture of each set of windows that you want to tint including, if possible, a view of the floor at the base of the windows so that we can get an idea whether there are any obstacles we need to work around, or other access issues we need to address.  You can send them here:, or text them to (509) 466-3975 whichever is most convenient for you.