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Therma Shield Solar Control Bird Safety window films and tints protect both birds and the windows in your home or office. These custom Anti-Bird Strike films keep birds from flying into your windows. As a Solyx dealer, we also have access to hundreds of decorative films and privacy films (400+), including 3M Fasara films, for residential and commercial decorative privacy applications.

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Bird Safety Films are designed to deter birds from flying into reflective glass, thus suffering an injury or death. This film is applied to exterior of your windows, and is made of a durable, crystal clear, outside weatherable (OSW), scratch resistant polyester film. This film has an expected outdoor life of 7 years and is cleanly and easily removed and replaced if needed.  It has had great success, as installations at the Philadelphia Zoo and Bronx Zoo have reported no bird fatalities since the bird safety film installation. The lines in the film are specially designed to break reflections on the glass allowing the birds to see that there is an obstruction.

Why Do I need Bird Safety Film?

If you have birds striking your windows, the need is obvious, but what causes birds to fly into your windows?  The folks at say the following:
"-Birds cannot see glass. They see a reflection of their habitat (trees, bushes, water, sky) in windows or in the mirrored exteriors on office towers and other structures, but they cannot see the glass. From a bird’s perspective, glass is an invisible barrier to their habitat.  
-Deceived by the reflection, and unable to detect the presence of glass or mirrored exteriors as solid objects, birds often collide head-on with the windows and buildings themselves. Many migratory birds die on impact, or sustain serious injuries that prevent them from continuing their journey. Stunned birds fall to the ground and become vulnerable to predation. Ornithologists now claim that collisions with human-built structures are the leading cause of migratory bird mortality in North America, second only to habitat loss.

-Birds will also collide with the clear glass on structures like greenhouses, sunrooms, walkways between buildings, or with windows that meet at the corners on homes or workplaces. They see through these glass structures to the trees or bushes on the other side, and strike the glass in an attempt to find refuge. The same will occur when they see interior, ornamental trees and plants in glass-walled lobbies or through the windows on our homes." []

The decorative patterns in these films will enhance the aesthetic of your windows while also providing protection for birds inhabiting space around your home or business.
The patterns repeat every 21".  Take a look at the five samples below to find and choose your film, then call or fill out the form below with the catalog number of the film so that we can order your film and set a date to install it.  Please feel free to call us if you have any questions.

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